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About us

We are here to make your shopping easier than ever never before….

Fyndhere is a one stop shop app for all your requirements. You can find all your products and services from your local friendly stores by using Fyndhere. 

A few things make customers engage with us..

Why we are special in this world !!!

Easy to access

Now, Its easy to find your interested item or services through Fyndhere without any hassle of finding in your market.

Virtual Bargaining

No more bargaining with multiple retailers for your products/ services. Now its just a click away.

Price Comparision

Option to choose your own friendly store along with the one who is reliable in selling the items with exact market price

TRust worthy

No more FAKE products !!Yes, As we are bringing your local friendly stores online no more worries of ordering online products or in booking services.

The secret of success to our Partners

All the Shops/ shop owners/ service providers/ vendors are part of our success. We pass on this success happiness to many other new partners like you.

More leads

Yes, now you can get more leads from your customers and a chance to convert leads into a sales by using FyndHere

Online presence

More sales are possible when we are online. By registering with us you will get free online leads that customers are looking.

Easy Access

Easy access to all your nearby posts that customer posts and a chance to interact with customer virtually


Your privacy is what matters us a lot. we provide an option to you only reveal your identity to customer.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say about our service:

Didn’t except that this app will helpful to me during COVID times as well without any hassle. LOVED IT!!! 


Hyderabad, India

 I have availed a service through them it was amazing and I was able to get it with very less price as well. Thank you Fyndhere


Hyderabad, India

Just to check the reliability of this Fyndhere, I started using this. But now for all my needs and requirements I just post in Fyndhere and relying on it. Its making my life easier. 


Hyderabad, India