Terms and conditions govern your access to and use the Mobile Application and Website. www.fyndhere.com this links to or reference these Terms. Further, the Mobile Application is handled and maintained by Fyndhere services private ltd.

Fyndhere services private Limited is termed as “Fyndhere” from here-in.

The Shop/vendor/Freelancer referred as Service Provider, who is registered in Fyndhere Mobile Application to provide services to customers or to sell their products to customers.

The term ‘Customer’ refers to other party apart from service provider. The customer can post/ avail service through application which are allowed to trade in their respective country as per applicable laws.

Both Customers and Service providers are termed as ‘USERS’ in this agreement.

Both Customer and service provider should go through this agreement before availing/providing any service. It was presumed that whomsoever is using this application were in their conscious while viewing this document and accepted the terms and conditions, Privacy Policies and cookies from time to time.  All the rights and usage of user with respect to our mobile application is restricted to scope of this agreement terms and conditions.

Our Mobile application is fully binded with these Terms and conditions, which is an online platform for customers and service providers.


Fyndhere have a right to modify these terms and conditions whenever it is required. Users are requested to check our terms and conditions every now and then.

Online sites: – Mobile Application and Website

  1.  Fyndhere sites includes mobile application and Website are just a platform providers for our Users who are registered in our sites. For any kind of issues that come across between users for any material/products/services availed through our app, have to be taken care by themselves. Fyndhere doesn’t involve in any such activities especially in trading of products or availing services.
  2. Fyndhere doesn’t provide any guarantee or warranty to the products/services either to customers or Service providers. Customer have to check with the service provider before they make payment.
  3. Fyndhere is just a market place, so whatever offers designed or promoted by service providers is merely an “invitation to offer” and can’t be treated as ‘Offer”. And customer need to clearly understand offer details with service provider only.

Usage of application by Customers & Service Providers

  1. Fyndhere is open for everyone to use available services in Mobile application.
  2. While using services of Fyndhere, Users authorize FyndHere and its third party agents to access the registered user’s information which will be useful for banks and other payment gateways to retrieve the required information for processing the transactions successfully.
  3. We request service providers to provide correct and authenticated details while registering themselves in the mobile application. As FyndHere is not responsible for screening, censoring or in controlling the transactions either it is legal or illegal. If it comes to our notice of any illegal activities are taking place from any of registered user, an justification need to be given or else that account will be blocked from availing Fyndhere services further in future.
  4. You acknowledge by registering in to Mobile application that you only have a right to use the services offered in Mobile Application and that you have no right to modify any part of the Mobile Application or reproduce, copy, distribute, sell, resell or access the Facility for any other commercial purposes.


By agreeing to these Terms, you shall be bound by the following policies of the Mobile Application:

  1. The ‘Privacy Policy’ of Mobile Application; and
  2. The ‘Cookie Policy’ of Mobile Application.

Access to Third party sites through Fyndhere:

  1. In website or Mobile application, we will be providing link to mobile app or videos, photos, any promotional posters which are maintained by external sites, just to provide more information and convenience to customer. We request user to go through terms and conditions of that external site before opting further.


  1. This website/Mobile App is used only for commercial purpose of any transactions within the mobile app.
  2. To avail the certain option in the app, the service provider has to contact our customer support at info@fyndhere.com
  3. We have necessary steps to maintain privacy for your account while you communicate with vendor. It’s merely service provider responsibility to share your details with customer.
  4.  As we have already mentioned earlier, we are not going to screen your identity or controlling you and your business. Unless until if it comes to our notice.
  5. As a service provider, you solely responsible for the product you sell or service you offer to customers. Fyndhere is nowhere responsible for any of these.
  6. You are supposed to transfer the warranty to customer where it is applicable.
  7. Fyndhere no longer tracks the customer in deal closings.
  8. If customer don’t turn up to buy/avail service, FyndHere has nothing to do with that.
  9. Fyndhere has right to terminate or block any service provider in case of any illegal activities that comes to us and non-payment of subscription fees in timely manner
  10. Fyndhere is not responsible if customer don’t pay, after availing service/product. We request you to be clear on this while collecting payment.