5- Must Watch Films

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Movies are a way to escape from our stressful lives. Figuring out what to watch, might be a bit complicated task. Let it be romance, comedy, drama, there are plenty of good films to watch in your free time. In addition, Every person has their favourite film but here is the list of classics which are loved and admired by everyone. You can peacefully grab some popcorn; sit and binge watches all the movies.


This is one of the greatest baseball movies ever made and is life-changing. Moreover, no one ever said change is easy, and Brad Pitt’s Billy Beane finds this out the hard way time and time again as he sets out to change not only the way his team operates but how the game is played entirely in Moneyball. This movie tells us that overcoming fear will enable us to do wonders in life.

Jurassic Park

This movie is very different and is completely a different genre. It stands above most movies of its kind because of its brilliant use of both CG and practical effects. Moreover, It’s a rare event film that never seems to age.

The pursuit of happiness

This movie is one such movie that spreads happiness, inspiration and lots of positivity. This is the story of a man who does the impossible. He goes through a difficult, long journey transforming himself into a millionaire.


The Godfather

This movie is an all time-classic crime movie. The movie godfather shows us about family, life, betrayal and business. This movie deserves the title classic, hence watch it without fail.

Wall street

This movie will teach us about the world of business. Additionally, Wall Street teaches us that money never sleeps and time is money. Hence, This movie is a must-watch and teaches us many valuable lessons.
So, do watch these amazing movies and learn many valuable life lessons. Each movie is very special and deeply loved by all the audience. Watch all the movies and have a fun time.

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