Essentials For Hostel Life

Hostel Life is the most memorable part of any student’s life. From eating Maggi at midnight to binge-watching series together, hostel life is very exciting. Packing for the hostel might be very exciting. Hostels may not have every required item you need. It is very important to pack all the required items while going to the hostel. It might be a bit challenging but preparing a proper list is essential to avoid confusion. Here is the list of essential things you must carry while going to a hostel.


Safety always comes first. No matter where you stay, a padlock is a lifesaver. You can avoid using keys as there might be a high chance of losing them. The padlock will keep your belongings safe and it is always suggestible to lock your cupboards or bags. Padlock doesn’t require any keys and all you have to do is remember your combination code.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is very important irrespective of the place you stay. Plasters, Dettol, ointment, tablets should always be at the top of your list. If needed visit a doctor and get all the essential items required.

Flip-Flops or sandals

Flip-flops are the most basic thing required while staying at a hotel. They are very important to avoid dirty feet. You can use them whenever you use the washroom or while walking in the hostel. Sandals or flip-flops are essential for a proper hygienic stay in the hostel.

Good earplugs or headphone

Do not forget this item. It is going to be super useful in hostels. You might meet people who are loud or even come across people snoring loud at night. So carry good quality earplugs or a headphone set, if not you might face some difficult issues at night. These will be useful while travelling too.

 Toiletry Bag

This is a basic requirement which is very important. Items like brush, shampoo, soap, sunscreen, balm etc are a must. Carry extra spare items too. You never know when they would be useful. These items would be easily available in any place.


Charging is one problem in many hostels. Try carrying an adapter with USB ports. Electrical outlets are created differently in various places. To avoid the risks and carry an adapter. Be very careful while choosing an adapter and buy one of good quality.

These are few important items required while going to a hostel. You can even carry items like a headlamp, a quick-drying towel, reusable water bottle, laundry bag, extra power bank, homemade items etc. You can find all the required items in the Fyndhere app at the best prices and have an amazing experience in your hostel.  


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