Single Working Women’s Day 

Single is no longer a lack of options – but a choice. A choice to refuse to let your life be defined by your relationship status but to live every day Happily and let your Ever After work itself out.

It is not easy to be a single woman in society. Single women are always seen as incomplete people. The patriarchal system is to be blamed for this. The thought that women will not be able to work alone comes from this system.

But, the contribution of single women to our economic and social growth cannot be understated. Name the industry and you will find various contributions of women in different sectors.

We all will agree to the fact that instead of being ashamed, we should be proud. Proud of such women who work, earn and live by themselves.

History of this day:

Barbara Payne created single Working Women’s day with the intent of recognizing the importance of these women and raising awareness of this fact in the public eye.

Thankfully, with the modernization taking place, the importance of them is being understood.

We see that they are being encouraged in various sectors. Being a single woman is no longer a stigma in society. 

We see that singlism is considered a problem in society. The reason behind it is the thought of incapability of living alone. It is just a misconception that people will not be able to manage living alone. Especially women! 

Contradictorily, single people tend to be more social than the ones in a relationship. Also, they are more ambitious and passionate.

Encourage Single Women: 

Why is it important to look up to such women?

Instead of looking down on them, our heads should be held high because we have so much to learn from them.

They manage and handle everything on their own. They know how to manage their finances well. 

Instead of judging them, we should always look and introspect the reason of them being single.

Single Women have always proved their worth and are continuing to do so even now.

With the prettiest smile on their faces, they work to conquer the world. We usually don’t point fingers at men for being single. Then why this inequality with women?

This is one day where we celebrate equality too. And the celebration should not take place just on the 4th of August every year. This day holds importance throughout the year. 

Encourage more and more single women to work and live for themselves.

How to celebrate this day?

The celebration of this day is more of taking inspiration from such people.

Yes we should celebrate it by making known all these women and praising them. But more importantly, encourage and give them the respect that they deserve. 

This day should be important to us every day. You as an individual have to bring change. 

It all starts with going up to the single working women in your life. And telling them how much respect you have for them for what they do.

It is high time we all realize the fact that being single and that too a woman is not easy. The amount of mental strength it requires is high. 

If you’re one of them, you need to give yourself a much deserved day of leisure, you’ve certainly earned it! 

Single Working Women’s Day is your opportunity to recognize and be recognized for everything you do, and how difficult it is to make it in a world where women still earn 80% of what men do for the same job at the best of times.

Cheers to being strong and single!

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