Aged Care Employee Day 

Donate Blood and Save a Life

Caring for our seniors is perhaps the greatest responsibility we have. Those who walked before us have given so much and made possible the life we all enjoy.

How much would it cost us to care for someone?

Nothing. Yes it costs us nothing but love to care for someone. This day is celebrated to show our love towards elderly people.

We should never forget the love they showered upon us. Now is the time we give back the love and care they deserve.

Importance of this Day

Why is it so important to celebrate this day? It is because elderly people deserve the equal amount of love and care they gave us.

The Whiddon Group recognized that days like International Nurses Day didn’t cover a broad enough spectrum. 

This is to show support and gratitude to all of the people who are involved in the care of the elderly. The ones who took steps to change that. 

Almost 80% of the people who provide Aged Care aren’t nurses, doctors, or other medical professionals. 

They’re janitors, kitchen staff, laundry workers, and even volunteers who take time out of their day to ensure that our golden years are full of comfort and support.

Even though nurses are an essential part of the Aged Care industry, things would stop without the help of the supporting staff. 

These include cleaners, cooks, drivers, hospitality teams, and laundry employees. They deal with all the day-to-day minutiae that helps things move along smoothly. 

Throughout their work these individuals also interact with their loved ones, forming meaningful relationships. They ensure that loneliness isn’t one of the experiences they have while in the facility.

How to celebrate this Day?

 It is important to show care towards the aged people. But, it is also vital to show care towards people who take care of them. 

This day is celebrated to show respect towards the entire staff that take care of aged people. How easily nowadays kids leave their parents in old age homes. They don’t think who will thereafter take care of them. 

It is so evident in today’s time that we fall short of love even with our family. So this day is a salute to the staff members. They take care of those aged people who are not even their family.

 Many care staff, including carers, nurses, health professionals and volunteers carry out their role and make such a difference to the lives of those who they care for. 

The pandemic has, over the past year, highlighted for many the true importance of these roles these individuals do.

Why should we show them love?

Without their hard work, families and friends would have expressed greater concerns around the health and wellbeing of their loved ones. Carers have gone a long way in showing support, and it’s now time for the sector to reciprocate this. 

These employees have had to step up in the wake of the pandemic, and many clients, families and friends of those receiving care will be forever grateful for the support they have provided. Technology has enabled many other sectors to continue working efficiently and productively, and we are beginning to see the benefits of digitising the aged care sector too. 

Aged care employees deserve a lot of praise and while the pandemic has put a spotlight on the work that they do, technology will help to remove some of the pressures they feel at work, ultimately enabling them to continue to provide the best care possible. 


The next time you visit your loved ones in their Aged Care Facility, be sure to bring something to show appreciation to the staff there. Whether it’s as simple as a floral bouquet or a care package that includes items to brighten their day and ease their burdens

Even if you just stop in and make a point of thanking them, it’s important to remember that the role these people play is often underappreciated and unrecognized, so everything counts.

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