Best Gifting solutions for Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a very popular Hindu festival celebrated annually. It is celebrated across the country. Even brothers-sisters around the whole world send their wishes to each other. As we know we are facing a pandemic.

As concerned citizens, people stopped travelling to stop the spread. And resorted to zoom calls for the occasion. Sisters of all ages tie a talisman, or amulet called the rakhi, on their brothers’ wrists. Brothers give them a piece of their heart in return. 

This year, 22nd August will be celebrated as Raksha Bandhan. 

It is an auspicious occasion for both the brother and sister. Moreover, they express their deepest gratitude in the form of gifts. Additionally, a brother is like a father to a girl. The love and respect that she has for him are immense. The Bhai can convey his feelings for his sister by sending her a gift.

Every year people look for new and unique things to give. This year give them something special. Something that will convey your feelings. 

You can gift them something

  • Handmade
  • Decoration item
  • Clothes
  • Chocolates
  • Electronic items
  • E-gift Cards

Personalized rakhi gifts are also a choice if you want to narrate your feelings to them without having said them. The personal touch and love they shower are immeasurable. But you need to be as quick as a fox. You cannot delay picking up gifts. Or you will lose a chance at the best ones. Order your gift today or start making it as soon as possible.  

Handmade Gifts

Pop-up gifts, scrapbooks, mystery boxes are some of the very popular handmade gifts. Even a handmade card will make her day. Caricatures are very popular nowadays. Photo ladder, frames, collages, etc can be gifted. Resin arts are very in trend these days.


Photo frames, lamps, scenery, etc. 

Food Items

Chocolates, international cuisines, nuts, cakes, desserts, etc. Everyone loves food. Gift your sisters some food items. And they will praise you for life. You can also cook for them. Homemade salsa with nachos is the best and the easiest. 


Earrings, pendants, watches, anklets, etc. Girls love jewellery and it portrays their emotions. Scrunchies are in great demand these days. Gift her a box of scrunchies and she will love it.

You can also give her a box full of surprises in which you can add multiple things like earrings, scrunchies, rings, bracelets, etc.


If your sister is a stationery lover. Then you must give her that. Diaries, sticky notes, notepads, cute pens, etc.

If your sister loves reading books and novels you can surprise her by gifting novels by the author she likes the most or you can also choose from different genres as per your interest. Bookmarks are also an amazing gifting option if she is a book lover. 

Fashion related stuff

Everyone loves clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories. Give your sister a dress, a top or something that she will like and will look good on her. Also, watches are a great piece of accessories that completes an outfit. You can also gift them printed Tshirts. 

Electronic Items

These are very trending nowadays. Every one of us uses electronic items like phones, headphones, air pods, watches, laptops, tablets, etc. You can surprise your loved ones by gifting them these items. Many electronic sites also have the option to make these items personalised by adding a photo as a cover. It will make your gift more interesting and loving.

You can support some small businesses too. They sell adorable hampers for Raksha Bandhan. They even personalize them according to your needs. It benefits you both. You get what you want at a reasonable price and they get paid for their talent. You will also find amazing bhaiya-bhabhi rakhi combos. 

Still, if you cannot think of anything, do not waste your money. Gift them an e-card. They can choose the gift themselves. 

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