Air conditioner maintenance

In summer days, weather becomes unbearable without air conditioners. Air conditioners have become every house’s need nowadays. So it is also our duty to take care of this piece of machine. As cooling devices are essential for us and our family to feel comfortable all day long. Air conditioner maintenance is generally neglect by the people which is necessary to keep the machine in good condition at its best performance. By calling a professional, one can keep its AC well maintained and avoid future damages.

To ensure the efficiency of the air conditioner, following task needs to be done with the help of professional-


The most important maintenance task to ensure the efficiency of an air conditioner is to regularly replace or clean its filters. A clogged and dirty filter can obstruct normal air flow and significantly reduce system efficiency. Due to the obstruction of normal airflow, the air passing through the filter can bring dust directly into the evaporator coil and weaken the coil’s heat absorption capacity. Replacing dirty and clogged filters with clean filters can reduce the energy consumption of air conditioners around 15%. Filers need to change or clean more frequently if your AC is located in a dusty room.


Condenser coils of the AC collect dust over the long time period. Although a clean filter delays this process of soiling over the coil. But in time, the evaporator will collect the dirt on it. This dirt decreases the efficiency of the coil to absorb heat and air flow between coils also gets reduce. So annual cleaning of these coils is recommended by experts.

Condensate drains

These drains used for exiting the water collected on condensation coils. These drains need to be clean especially in Split ACs as if these drains are clog, it causes water outflow in the room from air vents. This can be very riskier as it can cause a short circuit. 

Coil fins

Coil fins are an important part of the evaporator and condenser coils. These fins are used for cooling down the respective coils. But these coils are prone to bending. With the help of a coil comb (available with AC servicing professionals), these fins can be repair to almost original condition.

Before winters it is advisable to pack/cover air conditioners to save it from debris. When it comes to regular maintenance of your AC, hire professional service technicians. Well-trained technicians will find and resolve problems with the air conditioning system. You can find a nearby AC service expert using Fyndhere. Download the Fyndhere app now.