Best Ways To Save Money

Saving is an excellent habit that you must inculcate early on in life to ensure your future financial security. Also, it might seem like a good idea now to put off saving until a few years later, but the ‘few years later’ will come up much faster than you’d expect. There is no better time than right now to begin putting aside a little money for your future. And all you need to do is make some small changes in your approach towards life and expenses. Before you know it, you will start to see the savings add up.

The importance of saving money cannot be overemphasized. It is important to inculcate a savings habit. This is much easier said than done. It is not uncommon for your short term happiness to override your long term goal of saving. To be able to save, you need to be firm with yourself. Here are some best ways to save money :

Prepare a Budget

The foremost thing you should start doing and teach in your habit is making a budget and sticking to it every month. This is a time-tested technique, and people avoid it thinking that it’s annoying and tedious. This budget will help you track your expenses which is a major problem you have been facing since many don’t even know where your salary is going. Once you save money, you can only start a systematic investment plan in a mutual fund to see your money grow.

Don’t spend until your saving it 

“Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving” is the advice given by the world’s most successful investor Warren Buffet. Allocating some of your present earnings towards your future to become wealthy. It makes so much sense to follow this, especially when it comes from the sixth richest person in the world. You have to focus on building assets by starting early in your career. This is how compounding will work in the long‐term in your wealth creation.   

Sell everything that doesn’t bring you joy

Declutter the things in your home that you don’t need and are willing to let go of for the sake of your financial future. That vintage chair your aunt gave you? Sell it. That crystal vase you found at an antique shop? Sell it. You’d be surprised at how much clutter you have in your home that you don’t even use or think about.  

Ask about discounts 

You never know until you ask, and you should always ask. Next time you’re getting tickets at a movie theater, museum or sporting event, check to see if they have any special discounts for seniors, students, teachers, military or AAA members. If not, never underestimate the negotiating power of cash!

Avoid Expensive Places

You don’t need to visit the best pub or the swankiest restaurant in the city on weekends or birthdays. There are many other places for socializing and celebrating as well that are equally good. This is a key trick that will benefit the most in the long term regarding wealth creation.

DIY everything!

Before you shell out the cash to pay for a new backsplash, fancy light fixture or bench, think about doing it yourself! Usually, the cost of materials and a simple Google or YouTube search will save you a ton of money on your latest home project. Plus, you won’t have to pay someone to do something you can most likely do yourself. But if you’re the type that can’t seem to hit the nail on the head, you might want to ask a friend or neighbor for help so you don’t have to spend money on new drywall.

The library is your friend

Before you click “add to cart” on that brand-new book, check your local library to see if you can borrow it! Most libraries also have audiobooks and digital copies of your favorite books for rent. It’s an easy way to get your reading in without breaking the bank.

Prepare Grocery List

Any supermarket has tons of stuff to excite you. It’s so easy to walk through those aisles, grabbing a bag of Oreos here and a few bags of chips there, and then top it off with the fun goodies at the register. But those little purchases add up quite a bit and end up blowing the budget every single month. So, if you want to save money, then prepare a grocery list before entering the supermarket and stick to it. You can leave some cushion for you to buy something that is not there on your list.  

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