Donate blood and save a life, connect with patients using Fyndhere

“Donate your blood for a reason and let that reason be life.”

Amongst all the lucrative and extensive range of categories that Fyndhere offers to its customers. Connecting blood donors with patients in need is always the prime focus and concern.  According to the World Health Organization(WHO), India runs short of two million units of blood every year despite having such a huge population and an array of blood banks. Ever since the advent of the novel coronavirus there has been a spike in the demand for blood and plasma donors. This seems to be quite a BLOODY problem.

The emergence of this new digital era has given us the opportunity to help others in a more convenient and quicker way. We at Fyndhere strive to connect and bring in as many blood donors as possible, of all blood types including universal donors to come about and contribute to saving precious lives. You can go to our app, select your blood type and set the radius within which you feel comfortable in visiting and donating the blood. The app will display all the hospital/healthcare centers within your vicinity. Now you can compare them by reading the customer reviews, checking their maintenance and cleanliness, surfing through their photos, etc. You can also chat with them and ask any relevant queries before you finalize your center based on your convenience.

Donate blood and save a life using Fyndhere

Not just blood, but plasma donation also.

The COVID crisis has also elevated the need for plasma donation. Individuals cured of the coronavirus infection can donate plasma as it lessens the severity or shortens the length of the disease in suffering patients. Hence, if you have battelled COVID successfully. We would appreciate you coming forward and give the gift of kindness to others. Also donating blood and plasma is good not only for the receiver but for the donor as well. Donate blood from time to time and it will give you anti-cancer benefits. It helps you maintain a healthy heart and liver, aids in weight loss, and activates blood cell production.

You would be bamboozled to know that if we began donating blood from the age of 18. And donated every 90 days until we reach 60, we would have donated enough blood to save 500 lives. Think about it, Isn’t it breathtaking to think that we can save 500 lives? Don’t just live through others, let others live through you.

Blood is meant to circulate, pass it around. Visit our app and donate today.

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