How to protect your hair from the sun


You may already be an expert in SPF, from understanding the difference between chemical and physical makeup to understanding the importance of applying sunscreen every day. However, we bet that you missed an important area when applying the daily dose. Like the face and body, hair and scalp also need sun protection. UV-resistant hair care can help maintain hair color and prevent damage, but it does not work on the skin differently from sunscreen.

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What exactly is the sun doing to your hair?

UV rays can affect your hair in two ways: color and health. Ultraviolet rays can remove toner and discoloration from the roots and accelerate the hair loss process.  This is how it works. Due to its high porosity, hair easily absorbs UV rays. These rays then react with the melanin in the hair, causing a chemical reaction to break down the natural or precipitated salt of the hair pigment. As you absorb more radiation, free radicals are generated in the cells, causing protein loss and damage to the structure of the hair shaft.  This will be a vicious circle. The weaker the hair, the easier it is to absorb UV radiation, which can cause more damage such as dryness, brittleness, split ends, curls, thinning, or discoloration.

Remember that your hair and skin will be exposed to indoor UV rays. If UVA rays penetrate the lens while driving, you may be exposed to UVA rays.

So can you use sunscreen for your hair and scalp?

Before we drink a bottle of SPF every day. Let us discuss the difference between sun protection for hair and scalp. Studies have shown that skin cancer can also occur on the scalp. Additionally, these lesions are usually more easily overlooked when covered by hair. In other words, your scalp is still skin. Consequently, you need to use the same sunscreen as your face or body. The difference lies in the formula because creams and liquids are not the best delivery system for crowns. The hair care products use different ingredients from your favorite SPF, so they cannot be called sunscreens.

Products such as hair care, conditioners, and filters help support our natural defenses. They protect against environmental influences and repair our hair and scalp. These usually include ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins B, C, and E, glutathione, sea buckthorn, and propolis.  Good for healthy hair and color maintenance? Check. Replace the sunscreen performance of chemical sunscreen ingredients such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or oxybenzone? Do not. Therefore, please remember to treat the scalp and hair separately.

What’s the best way to make sure you’re protected?

Wear a hat, especially if you’re hitting the beach. You should pick a style with a wide brim and a high UPF rating. There is a number that measures the amount of UV radiation blocked from fabric penetration. Shading and avoiding sunlight during peak hours can also help reduce UV exposure.

Next step:

 Pick your hero products for extra protection. To keep your color looking fresh and your hair feeling nourished. Additionally, it is important to intensely use moisturizing ingredients like lipids and fatty acids. Use this list as a comprehensive guide and you will be notified throughout the year.

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