Left-Handers Day



We celebrate ‘International Left-Handers Day on August 13. We do this to honour left-handed people in a world ruled by righthanded people. Left-handers day also raises knowledge about the challenges left-handed face on a daily basis.

Dean R. Campbell founded LeftHanders International Inc. He started a day in 1976 to honour ‘sinistrality,’ or left-handedness, every year. Although left-handedness is genetically rare, it is more common in families where it does exist. Many left-handed people have left-handed parents, siblings, and cousins.

According to studies, nearly 10% of the world’s nation is lefties, with men being more common. Lefties include Sachin Tendulkar, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci. Our own Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a left-hander as well.

Left-handed troubles 

• left-handed people have suffered a number of problems throughout.

Such people have faced bias based on beliefs in many cultures.

• Lefthanded people continue to struggle with common objects made for righthanded people, such as scissors, keyboards, right-handed tables, guitars, and even video game systems

Facts about left-handies

People who are left-handed have high underwater vision than right-handed people.

Left-handed people have a greater link between the left and right sides of the brain.

Lefthanded persons are smarter and more creative thinkers, according to science, since they have more mental flexibility than the rest of society.

Nearly 10% of the world’s population is left-handed.

• Lefthanded people are more adept in terms of language. Additionally, they can also be good leaders.

•. Baseball, tennis, swimming, boxing, and fencing are all activities that lefties are good at.

• Migraines and sleep lack are more common among lefties, but they regain from pains faster.

• In addition, sleeplessness, psychosis, and alcoholism are more common in left-handed people.


Finally, when it comes to hard and complex mathematics, left-handers have a major advantage. However, the study reminds us that hand choice isn’t just about which hand you write with; it’s also about which hand you use the most for a variety of tasks.

As a result, right-handers who favour the left hand for other tasks may have a brain structure similar to extreme left-handers – and vice versa.

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Happy Left-Handers Day 2021!