Life Lessons From Lord Ganesha

If you pay close attention to Ganesha’s tales scripted in ancient texts of India. He is a patron of education, intelligence, learning, art, scribes and wisdom. Thus, he can be a remarkable guru to us because his tales no doubt possess a great power to impart extraordinary life lessons from Lord Ganesha.

As the holy day is around the corner, here is a look at some life lessons from Lord Ganesha’s life. That can teach us a great way of living:

Never give up

We can learn a very important life lesson from Ganesha’s broken tusk. Interesting story of how Ganesha wrote the scripture Mahabharata. The scripture contains 1.8 million words and hundreds of stories and sub-stories. When Vyasa approached Ganesha to write the scripture. He happily agreed but on the condition that he would be writing without pause. Vyasa wondered if he could match the elephant god’s speed, so requested that he not write anything unless he understood its meaning. Ganesha agreed, but wrote so fast that the pen broke. As per the agreement, he could not pause. So, he broke off his left tusk and started to write with it.

Lesson learnt : Don’t break your commitment and don’t give up no matter what.

Your parents are your world

When Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati challenged their sons Ganesha and Karthik to race around the world three times. Ganesha knew he wouldn’t be able to compete with Karthik’s agility due to his stout body and much slower vehicle – Mushakraj” (The Rat) – compared to the peacock his brother was riding. Ganesha says “For me, my parents are my world.” Thus, Ganesha circumnavigated around Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Needless to say, when Kartikeya returned, Ganesha was already smiling because he knew he had won the race.

Lesson learnt : While this story teaches us to respect parents and elders. It also encourages us to be creative and think out of the box during a difficult task. Adding, It also proves that a physical weakness should not be an obstacle in life. One can always rely on wisdom and intelligence to win against any trying circumstances.

Humility and respect for everyone

To many, it may seem unusual that the mighty Ganesha chose the mouse as his vehicle. As it is a rustic creature who feeds on leftover food and attacks in the dark, it’s generally a hated creature. However, Ganesha chose this rodent as his vehicle/Vahana. This fact outlines his respect for every creature. 

Lesson learnt : Ganesha’s choosing the mouse outlines his humility and respect for the tiniest of creatures. Thus, this trait is important to apply in life, so that we imbibe mutual respect for people irrespective of their backgrounds and positions in society.

Now that you have understood some of the life lessons from Lord Ganesha, apply these tips practically
now. Ganapati Bappa Morya!

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