Organ Donation Day

Organ donation day is observed on the 13th of august every year. The main aim of this day is to promote the donation of organ donor after their death to other fellow humans. We use this day to spread awareness. Organ donation includes the donation of the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. Organ donation is very much needed in the present situation. Many people die every year due to organ failure. Consequently, Organ donor could save thousands of lives and could play a major role in saving other people’s lives. The current organ donation rate is very poor in India. Learn more on who can become an organ donor.

Who can become a donor?

Additionally, age is never a problem and no one is too old or young to be a deceased donor. A person with illness would also be able to donate organs. The doctors would examine and confirm whether they would be suitable or not. Additionally, people under the age of 18 need the permission of a parent or guardian. However, the donation of organs depends on medical criteria. People of any age, gender, caste, religion can donate.

Myths about organ donation

People under the age of 18 cannot donate:

There is no age limit for donating organs. Additionally, depends on the health conditions of the donor. However, many children need smaller organs.

Only a few organs could be donated:

One can donate many organs. Consequently, Tissues such as skin and bones could also be donated.

Religion plays a role in organ donation :

Religion is never an objection to donating organs. Many religions permit the donation of organs. We create religious beliefs, but that plays no role in organ donation.

The family will be charged money for donation:

The hospital doesn’t charge the family for the donations. However, the hospital only charges for the treatment expenses. They charge the transplant recipient the cost of the organ donation.

Developing proper knowledge on this topic would save many lives. Additionally, Organ donation is surely a road to humanity and every donor should be appreciated. The donated organs could save many lives and fill happiness in their lives. Organ donation day aims to educate people and clear the myth regarding organ donation. Organ donation is one of the greatest donations ever and it could open up light in many lives. Even after death, the donor could live in the hearts of people by donating.

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