Placement agency

Placement agency are the outhouse recruitment centers for many companies, they potential customers to employers. The placement agencies are the boosters in the field of recruitment. They interview the candidates, do screening tests, background checks, and finally match candidates to the employer’s requirements.

Placement agency

Popular Job Placement agencies in India:

  1. ABC Job placement consultants
  2. Manpower Job placement consultants.
  3. Kelly Services India.
  4. Ma Foi Randstad Placement consultants.
  5. Team Lease.
  6. TVS Allegis Job Placement Consultants.
  7. Genius Consultants Limited
  8. Adecco India.
  9. HR-One Management Consultants (P) Limited
  10. Planman Consulting.

The Top 10 Placement agencies are listed above. The reason behind these agencies being successful is they have several advantages.  They provide many services to their clients.

Advantages of Placement Agency:

  1. Provides adequate manpower:

Placement agencies play a key role in providing manpower to many companies in India.

They ease the selection process involving scrutiny to sorting candidates for best match. Placement agencies comfort the HR department to focus on important projects going along with hiring.

  1. Time Conservation:

Agencies plan the Hiring process in a time-saving procedure. Direct recruitment by a company takes so much time to scrutinize the candidate from the very first stage. The placement agency eases the procedure and saves a lot of time for the clients.

  1. Company’s Brand Promotion:

Placement agencies also do the branding for a company. They promote the company’s goodwill and products to the candidates. The company gets more popularity along with potential candidates.

  1. Seasonal Employment services:

Some companies only require a temporary workforce as per the demand. The placement agencies are the best place to get part-time candidates in less time. They also provide workers with labor-intensive works on a daily and monthly wage basis.

The Placement agencies also have some disadvantages :

Disadvantages of Placement Agency:

  1. Higher Cost
  2. No Cultural fit assessment.
  3. Lack of employer branding.
  4. Communication issues.

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