The IPL Bubble Burst

What do we do Now? is the question that is running on the mind of almost every Indian cricket fan right now. So with the help of IPL we are able to get some time out by staying at home itself. Watching and cheering for our favorite franchises along with Rahul Dravid “Indiranagar ka Gunda hun main” was just a treat. Our Lives were dull but at least it was entertaining because of the IPL But like always Covid had other plans and then the IPL bubble burst was observed!!!!

The IPL Bubble Burst

 Just Like every larger-than-life Villain from the 90’s edition of Bollywood movies, I feel that Covid-19 is just looking at us and laughing its horrendous laugh today.

The Cause and the controversy

On a serious note, the controversy that surrounded the IPL this year was of people struggling for oxygen. Yet IPL was being played with the empty stands,was controversial with no two sides of coin being right.

Moreover players could not survive the wrath of covid 19 despite of bio bubble has raised several questions as the IPL bubble burst happens. Perhaps the bubble was not that safe after all or perhaps now Covid 19 can’t be stopped no matter what. We all are in this together and as a belief will see brighter sunshine on the other end.

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